Houston-wedding-photography-4093.jpgHouston-wedding-photography-4093.jpgHouston photographer offering photography for weddings, engagements and engagement parties.
I get it. Finding a wedding photographer is stressful. 

You've spent the past few months -- or maybe even years -- planning your wedding. And now, it's time to find a photographer. One you can trust, is easy to work with, and will deliver high quality photos in your preferred style.

Get emotional expressive photos 

You can trust that I'll be ready to snap photos of the most intimate and fun moments of your wedding -- your loving gaze as you each give your vows, family and friends  chatting and laughing, crying, and hugging each other, your wedding party acting goofy on the dance floor.

All those little moments that you'll cherish as you look back on them when you're old and gray. In the end, I'll capture how fun your wedding was for you and everyone there.

Galveston-wedding-photography-0759Galveston-wedding-photography-0759Houston photographer offering photography for weddings, engagements and engagement parties. My process is simple 

  1. Check out my pricing guide.
  2. Fill out my form and set up a consultation
  3. We'll meet via Zoom to discuss your wedding details. I'll have a customized slideshow presentation and show you my portfolio. 
  4. Send your deposit and sign the contract by the following week.
  5. A week before your wedding, we'll do another Zoom call to update me on your wedding day timeline.
  6. I'll show up at your wedding and take the photos.
  7. 24-48 hours later, I'll send you a wedding preview of 15-20 photos.
  8. I'll send you your photos 2-3 weeks later via an online gallery.  You'll have the option to order prints directly from the gallery.


Want candid photos like these of your wedding? 

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